Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Crazy Kids

Little Henry just asked me "Mom have I ever been on a plane before?" 

I said "No you haven't and the last time I was on one I was 13 years old."

Ilyana looks at me and says "That was what 10 years ago?"

"Umm no, That was 17 years ago honey."

Little Henry is 12 years old...........

Ilyana says "What? I forget how old you are Mom."

Little Henry replied "Our mom looks pretty young for her age."

ahh Kids they never cease to amaze you with what they will say.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Against testing the Kids?

Here is why I dislike the Academic testing of our kids.

Have you ever stopped and thought of how many times a year a child gets tested in school? Exams, pop quiz, standardized tests, spelling tests, math tests, its endless. Public schools now teach entirely to what is on the standardized tests instead of what the student needs.

What does that test really tell you? For my youngest son, Not a thing other than, he hates them. He fails every test and I do mean every test. However if you do the math test as flashcards or make it a game he Aces the test. He just hates book work of any kind.

We test kids and find out what they excel at and what they do worst at? Once the results come in, what is done about it? We give them tons more work on the subject they are worst at?

How does this inspire them to want to learn? Why don't we give them more work in what they excel at? Encourage their strong suits instead of focusing solely on their weaknesses.

We need to let the kids show us what excites them. What gets them so jazzed up they can't wait to do it, think about it all the time?

Music, art, inventing, science, reading, game design, computers. There IS something that the child enjoys. You might have to try many things to find it but it is there.

If we only focus are on what the child is bad at so will they. It destroys their self esteem and self worth. Focus on what they are good at and so will they. Increasing their self worth and self esteem.

Now I am not saying ignore math, reading, writing, and other subjects. But as long as they pass it, if its their weaker subject, don't make a big fuss.

Instead of testing our kids I go through their workbooks and if they passed more of their pages then failed then they can go on to the next harder book. We review everything before the next school year so that we keep it fresh in their minds.

I will be honest I had to reread the material in the language art class. I had forgotten a lot. Noun, verb, adverb, pronoun, adjective, preposition, prepositional phrases, homophone, synonym,antonym. I honestly do not think about these things as an adult. I also use spell checker and my computer automatically checks for the grammar that I inevitably mess up on.

If my kids can write a letter or persuasive argument concisely and meaningfully, I will be happy. I just don't want my kids ,to be one of the ones I see as adults, writing C U L8er.

Don't let test scores or grade level Define your childs worth, accomplishment, or future. Who knows how far they can go if we let them. After all it is their ability and not school grades that they will use to build their futures.

What do you think about what I have written? Agree, Disagree? Write it in the comments.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crazy things I hear from my kids

1. More spinach please, from Tabitha (2)

2. Can I cook supper tonight? Henry (12)

3. Can today be a cleaning day (clean the house) Acheron (8)

4. "I would be sad if something happened to you, Henry." right after she runs back in the yard leaving him out of it and a stray dog coming toward them. Ilyana (8)
5. "My name Tabby not buttercup!", when I made the mistake of calling her this.
6. Yells "Daddy,Bedtime!" then she gathers her blanket and bottle and stands next to him dancing while waiting.

7. Mom, you sell candles? Acheron's question a month after I started selling. I have catalogs and flyers everywhere and watch training videos daily. I also go out selling daily. He just now noticed....

8. Mom this is the best spaghetti ever!! All 3 of the older kids. It's canned sauce nothing added.

9. Can we have Asparagus tonight? Henry

I am so blessed to have these kids. Which of these do you wish your kids said? What Crazy things do your kids say?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Day in Our Life Homeschooling

Today I overslept and Ilyana came to wake me up telling me they had already ate breakfast and started their workbooks.

Let me tell you this makes me proud, not that I overslept, that even without me they get started on school work.

They did a few pages in their workbooks and then it was individual reading.

Time for lunch and they chose Ramen.

After lunch they read aloud to each other a book on Turkey (the country not bird) and a book on Ecology.
I found if They read it aloud then they remember more than if I just read it to them or made them read it to themselves.

3pm run to the Library to get more books and our day is done.

kids have free time, they are reading while they wait their turn on their Sega. Yep we are old school.

5:30 they are bored of the books and games, now they are outside playing while mom starts supper.

So as you can see our days are simple but effective for us. Every Homeschool family is different, No two do it the exact same.

I got soo excited today. I already knew about Khan Academy on youtube as a great math resource for helping the kids get through their math assignments when they don't understand the concept. But then today I discovered English grammer classes on youtube, science lessons, Art lessons and more.

My kids learn more with the videos than books, Visual and auditory combined really clicks for them.

I hope you enjoy a peek into our day homeschooling.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Attitude of Gratitude

How good does it make you feel when someone thanks you or gives you a compliment? 

Do you thank those around you for what they do? 

Have you noticed someone looking nice? 
Tell them! You could be making their day. 

I always feel good after helping someone or complimenting them. So its good for me and them. 

We need to be thankful for what we do have instead of bemoaning what we don't have. 
I am not saying settle for what you have. Always strive to reach the next level on your path. 

I am saying don't get so wrapped up in what you want that you miss what you do have. 

Bless the things you have and the things you want. 

There is always more coming to us if we are ready and open to receive them. 

By blessing and being grateful for what we have it sends a clear message to the universe that we are ready for more. 

If we complain and focus on the lack the universe will send us more of the same. 

Be careful which one your thoughts draw. 

If you catch a thought of lack stop it and think of the blessings already in your life. 
After a while this will become a habit. 

Life will not always be rosy but if you are able to see past its challenges to the lessons and blessings. 
It will take the sting out of some situations making it easier to handle.

Does anyone have any questions or anything to add to this?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sir Ken Robinson on Educating the Heart and Mind

I am a big fan of his idea's on education. We need to leave the standardized McDonalds model and go to a Quality customized for our area model.

How to make Extra Money Fast

If you are serious about wanting to earn more there are an unlimited number of ways. 

You can have a service based business.

cleaning, yard work, babysitting etc.

You can teach just about anything. 

How to work a computer,a language, to cook, a skill, tutoring, guitar, its endless.

You can sell a product.

Direct sales gives you a chance to:

spread your wings
learn the art of networking
how to sell
self confidence
discipline (you only get paid as much as you work it).

The best part is someone else did the hard part, come up with the idea, come up with a product, stocking it, marketing to a large extent, taxes, all the headache.

You just sell and get paid without going to an office or fast food joint 8 hours a day.

I sell candles and tarts thru Jewelry in Candles to earn extra income for my family.

For more on Jewelry in Candles in here is a previous post working the hustle and selling

Sell baked goods but follow the laws found here its easier than you think If your baked goods taste good.

 Decide if to you want to do reselling.
Go online or locally and find out the price for you to buy it and the retail price.

You can order a lot of things on ebay that can be resold on eBay or locally in a store ,flea market booth ,facebook group,  or even a kiosk in the mall.

You just need to decide what you want to sell and go after it.

Advertise / Market

For a service business you can put out flyers, advertise on radio, facebook groups or in newspapers.
Word of mouth also works wonders and is the best form of advertising.
A magnet on your car with your service and information advertises for you everywhere you go.

With Direct sales you have catalogs, samples,home parties, business cards, facebook fan pages, ecommerce sites, networking, car magnets with your information on them, flyers, chatting people up, its endless

For product sales you can do the same as above as well as online advertisements and magazine advertising, ebay, etsy, and lots more

There are some great free websites to create your own web store.For example .

Just don't forget to get the see if you need any legal permits such as a sales tax permit or possibly an EIN number from the IRS.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Homeschool? Won't they be Socially Awkward?

This topic has been brought to my attention again from someone asking me why I made the choice.

I have 3 kids in home school. Henry age 12, Ilyana age 8, and Acheron age 8.

It started when my oldest son Henry was bullied so badly by a teacher he stopped learning. I fought the good fight,Parent/Teacher conferences, meetings with the Principle, Meeting the Superintendent. They would not let us transfer to another teacher.

Henry learns fast, gets bored with review, I told the first grade teacher this and suggested he be the teachers helper or receive extra worksheets.She didn't want to do this or listen. When it happened he didn't start talking, getting up and making a scene. He played with his pencil at his desk. She labeled him a troublemaker and wanted me to medicate him. She was ruthless with him. Any little thing she could try to call him out for she did. I got phone calls wanting me to come to the school and beat him (they couldn't) because he was suppose to be in the Gym waiting for the bus to go home, and was found in the parking lot almost getting run over on 3 separate occasions.

Now if I told my 6 year old to stay in this room and he wound up in a busy parking lot, the Department of Child Protective Services would have taken my child away. However when the teacher did this it was the child's fault and he needed to be Beaten (her words to me and him). Yes I refused to beat him and told her to do her job and watch him.

It got so bad that no kids would be his friend for fear of getting in trouble by association. Then she tried the coup de grace, I was informed at the end of the year they wanted to hold him back. I was shocked, He was on the A B honor roll. Why? She told me he was emotionally immature, he doesn't like to sit still and shut up. I informed her no 6 year old child does.

And so we began homeschooling. He is now doing Advanced Algebra that I can't even do. He hates English class but looks forward to school. We incorporate what he is interested in. He wants to own a restaurant when he grows up. So he is learning Business, Cooking, and Finance.

Ilyana is doing multiplication and division at 8 years old.She is an Extremely sensitive child. She cries if she thinks she failed a paper or has trouble getting it. I know how cruel children would be and see no point to dampen her spirit with their teasing and mocking. She is a pleaser, wants to know if we need anything. She cares about everyone. We watched the lion king and when Simba's dad died, it ruined the whole movie for her. She cried and cried imagining how it would feel if her dad died. So no she will not be sent to school to be teased and tortured out of this.

Acheron is adhd diagnosed. He is behind what the schools say he should be at. If he was in public school he would be placed in Special Ed and I am sure you can remember how the kids in that class were and still are treated. Even when he was on medication he was still disruptive, unfocused, and active. We took him off the medication. I don't agree with pumping him full of, a schedule 2 controlled substance, Amphetamine. We beat our heads against a brick wall trying to teach him to read for months with no success. Then we discovered a site called Starfall. A free educational website. In less than a month he was reading!! So we got him a program called Jump start 1st grade. Now he is doing great in all subjects. Those programs turned the lessons into games and It Clicked for him. What school would have taken the time to find his learning style and actually used it?

We are able to have a broader curriculum by teaching at home. We have Home Ec. where they learn to cook, clean, and handle finances.

Yes they are a bit socially awkward with kids their age when they play with the kids in our neighborhood. However they are well able to converse with adults and use their manners. They do not understand why kids throw tantrums, talk back or otherwise disrespect authority. They know that good behavior will gain them more than bad. They don't have peer pressure telling them what to do, who to like, what to wear, etc. They are not bullied. They are who they were meant to be without someone squeezing their joy and individuality out of them.

I hope this explains why we home school and why my children love it. Ilyana asked if she can home school through college and I explained online school.  For my family it was about protecting my children and providing the best education we could for them tailored to each child.

Relaxing and Earning Money by Baking Bread

I found a recipe for baking sandwich bread from scratch that my family Loves.

(sorry the date on my camera is way off. I am not motivated enough to figure out how to fix it)

Every time I make it the first loaf is gone immediately, sliced and buttered. The kids start drooling when the smells start drifting out.

I found that baking bread is relaxing for me.

                                (yes another misdated photo, lol)

I later found that others loved my bread too. So now I sell it locally under the Texas Cottage Food Law. It allows me to make extra money selling locally without the hassle of the health department. I do have my food handlers permit though.

I offered the bread for sale on local facebook trade sites and now I have people messaging me wanting to know when I will be making more. One customer ordered one loaf the first time, two the second time, and four the next.

It makes me so happy that my relaxation technique can help my family out financially. Next I am going to see how my cupcakes go over.

Next month I am going to use the money made from the bread to take the kids out to the movies! We don't go very often due to the high prices. Taking my son Acheron for his birthday to a matinee cost me over $20.00.

What hobby or skill do you have that you could turn into an income producing adventure?

What would you use the extra money on?

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to succeed in Life

*Invest in yourself

We are so used to being told that doing anything for ourselves is selfish but that is wrong.

If you consistently invest in yourself you are happier, calmer, more resilient.
Basically able to be a better person, mom, employee, boss, or spouse.

If you implode from lack of self care you will be useless to others.

So take time for that pampering, seminar, day to do what drives you or makes you happy.

You will be happier and more productive when you do.

*Invest in your skills 

Always, always continue learning in your field, this is how you get promotions and raises.

If you always do, what you have always done, you will alway get, what you always got.

Doing it better will get you greater results.

Learning and researching what is current in your field and what is coming up helps you to be more productive and more of an asset to the company.

*Eliminate debt

Quit watching your money run away from you!

Pay off all your debt to release yourself from the stress it brings.

Cut up credit cards before they are paid off to help prevent the temptation to keep spending money you don't have.

You don't need one. 

A debit card with the credit card logo will let you do everything a credit card did except go into debt.

Cut your spending on things that don't matter to you like shampoo, clothes, whatever.
Buy those at the lowest cost or second hand depending on the item.

This frees up your money to spend it on what does matter. Debt, savings, vacation, whatever

*Imagine after you do this the freedom you will experience of not being in debt, money in savings, and enough to go on vacations. 

Knowing you are the best you can be emotionally and financially.

Always Be the best You that you are capable of.

I hope this has helped you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below. I do read them and will respond.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Plan for Achieving the Life my Family Wants

My current plan based on my Goals is:

*Pay off our debt

*Saving to move my family into the country, living the way we want.

*Give my kids a personalized quality education

 To do this I shop sales for the things we need to save the most I can.

  I buy in bulk, rebag meats to put into my deep freezer.

 If I do this I have a long list of meals I can cook without paying the high prices to buy at other times.

 For example I buy several turkeys at Thanksgiving time when they run $10 or less. I can feed my family of 7 three meals from each bird.

I buy hams around Christmas when they go to 99 cents a pound. Then I stock up on these 10 to 15 dollar hams that are $30.00 or more the rest of the year.

I shop online and compare prices for non food items.

I recently bought a printer from walmart online for 25.00. In the physical walmart the exact same printer was $49.00.

For clothes I usually shop on local facebook groups and get great clothes for next to nothing.

I went looking for my toddler some jeans. At the local stores they were $10.00 a pair. On facebook I got 6 pair of really cute ones for less than $10.00 total.

I am also working from home selling Jewelry in Candles to make extra money. To help pay the little debt we do have down and save up to buy a new home in the country.

We do not now nor have we ever had credit cards. I do not use checks. I have a debit card, if I don't have enough money in the bank I can't buy it. Our debt is a few personal loans we took out to pay the back taxes on the home we bought. (We bought the house for back taxes so it was an awesome deal).

I have also sold homemade sandwich bread I baked to help us financially in the past. I believe if there is a will, there is a way. So I am pushing to get it all.

What are your goals or plans? What are you doing to reach them?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some of the Benefits of Home School for our Family

  Today was Home Ec. for my homeschooled children. Cleaning the home, cooking for the eldest child. I think its important for them to know how to cook, clean and, handle money for when they move out. It saddens me the amount of young adults who are unable to shop for basics without spending everything. My kids are learning multiple ways to cook each meat. That way they know several meals they can make using what is on sale instead of being at the stores mercy price wise.

  Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad is part of our economics class. Our kids also earn their money. We work as a team to keep the house running smoothly. If they don't contribute they don't receive money and can't have friends over. Doing this they are always on the look out for how to earn money rather than asking for the parents to buy it for them. Ilyana, my 8 year old daughter, prefers to earn money having a bake sale in our yard. She makes muffins and brownies to sell. Henry, my 12 year old, looks for chores he knows Mom or Dad hate to do and negotiates a price to do them for us. He also does yard work in the neighborhood and babysits his toddler sister.

  Recently we decided we want save up to move out of our town, and into the country. We want to garden on a bigger scale and raise animals. My kids really want to eat healthier and know where their food comes from. Because of this, My daughter recently came to me and asked if she can contribute to our saving for the new house. I can not express my pride in this, its so great.

  My eldest son Henry (12) wants to get an internship at a restaurant to learn all the jobs there for when he opens the restaurant he plans on. I had to break it to him that there are child labor laws and most corporate restaurants won't allow this. So we are adding in cooking and business classes for him.

  Ilyana (8) Loves art, arts and crafts and decorating. She wants an art studio/home decor store when she grows up. She is very sensitive, cries if she fails a paper or thinks she disappointed anyone. She is driven to help people even if they haven't asked for it. Most common phrase out of her is "do you need anything?"

  My next to youngest child Acheron (7) is much more laid back and prefers to play than think of the future. When he does make a choice we will tailor his education as well.

  From watching and listening to her older siblings Tabitha, our 2 year old, is trying to sing her abc's. She is good from k-z . She counts to 13 and asks to do school work with them. For her its drawing on paper but its the request that means so much to me.

  I am so glad we made the decision to homeschool. This way we can tailor each child's education to include their plans for their future.Instead of teaching for solely for the state tests. In this way I believe, our children will have a better foundation going into life and succeeding.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Valentines Special

Get your special someone the perfect gift that is 2 or more gifts in one. No going store to store hunting down a gift or standing in line. Order online thru the link and we will box it up nicely and ship it to you or her. One stop and done in minutes.

Working the Hustle and Selling

Today I made samples of the candles and tarts I am selling.

Made a basket with catalogs, samples, pens, monthly planners and got it put in a local hair salon to get more customers reached. I handed out catalogs and talked people up.

Monday I am going to dentists and doctors offices to place more baskets and catalogs. I am messaging everyone.I am talking to everyone I come in contact with. I am going to Work this business, Earn my money and Reach my goals.

I have big goals. My main goal at this time is to get the money and move my Family to the country. I am after a 5 bedroom 3 bath house in the country with acreage. I want lots of tree's, running water on the property for fishing, space to raise animals and a large garden.

This company will get me to my goal If I work it. To get what I want, I have to work my business and hustle to get customers and repeat customers. The candles are excellent quality, the company cares, so its something I believe in.

I am watching and reading Everything Google, Amazon and youtube can come up with to learn every tip, strategy, inside secret, training to better myself and make the sales.

Monday, January 12, 2015

found my current Next thing

I have become an Independent Rep for an Amazing company jewelry in candles . They make high quality soy wax candles and tarts (wax melts) here in America. Scented with essential oils in 55 scents. I love these candles.

I have also mastered the recipe for homemade sandwich bread from scratch, no bread machine and been selling the loaves locally.

 Waiting for this weather to warm up, I am not a fan of cold weather. However we have returned to school after the holiday break. Getting back in the groove of things, so many things to look forward to.