Friday, December 31, 2010

Sheep No More

Let's start this new year off well. I have been answering a lot of questions lately with "Well its" or "because". My kids are in the Why stage. For those of you who don't have kids this is when kids start incessantly asking why on everything. Why do we have rules? Why do I have to clean my room? Why this, why that its endless.They want to know how things work and why we do what we do. When did we stop asking this and just start doing what others are doing because they are doing it? Let us be a sheep no more walk away from the herd and just start doing what is right to us. If you live your life to the fullest doing what is right in your heart then its a life well lived. Don't do and be what others want just to be part of the group. Its more than ok to dance to a different tune. Lets embrace our Uniqueness its what makes us who we are. If we all looked,acted,thought, and liked the same things life would be pretty boring.So let's all stand up and be who we are warts and all. Happy New Years to you all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

letting life get in the way

OK so things haven't been going so good on the business front. Personal problems have prevented me from finishing rewriting my class and therefore teaching it. Too cold to do the trade shows and I lost the power cord and USB for my camera so I can't even put items on eBay. I am ordering a new charger and USB for the camera this week. Trying to resolve the personal issues so I can get back to writing. Hopefully I will be able to check on pricing for selling my stuff at other stores locally as well. I am still reading and studying up on business. This month I have been reading "Rich dad, poor dad" by Robert t. Kiyosaki which has been amazing. One coauthored by Robert and Donald Trump and then one by strictly Donald Trump. I have been asked by several people why I would read and suggest books by Trump and its simple. The man had millions. Ended up broke and owing millions in debt and then managed to pay off his debt and become a billionaire again. So he is definitely someone I want to learn from. It's easy to make money but to have to pay off extreme debt and rebound the way he did shows its more than possible. Any idea's or questions are more than welcome on any of my postings. I may still be struggling at the poverty level but I am fighting my way out starting with learning all I can on how others have done it and experimenting in entrepreneurship myself. Watch and see how it all goes.