Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have lost focus. Indecision on what I wanted to do and a direction to go has caused me to have a severe case of Lethargy.

Can't seem to find the energy to get up and do much of anything. Not even housework. Debating now on what I should do. Need to find something to excite me again. That something that wakes you up in the morning full of energy ready to take on the world.

Will write more soon I hope.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Interest

I recently discovered a show called Extreme Couponing. It opened my eyes to a whole new talent I could have with a bit of hard work.

I saw them accomplish 80% to 100% savings at the store on there items.

It would be amazing to do that but if i can save 25% on my family's store needs that would be amazing. So far I have found several sites that have helped expand my knowledge of how to find the coupons and use them to maximum effect. is my favorite right now.

 I figure if  I am not working yet as I transition from having my store to home based then I can do my best to stretch what we do have.

New Begining

I did close my store.

Pouted and moped around the house for a week.

Now debating on creating a website or doing eBay.

Found out what I did wrong last time. I put my money all into inventory and forgot advertising. I also need to get several months of  expense's saved up prior to opening. With those and my family issue's settled I should have a better chance to succeed.