Saturday, November 13, 2010

Test dummy for others to learn from

I will continue to test various methods for earning more and be brutally honest about how much work and money I put into each along with their respective results so you can make informed decisions and have a test case to check them with. You might get better or worse results but I hope my success's and failures can help you to learn and find your path.Let me know if you see a method I missed and I will research those I can. I am still running my house and being a mother so If I can succeed then so can you.I believe if we want it bad enough and put in the time and effort we can achieve most anything.

ok web store advertising break down

Ok my web store on Weebly has been up and running for a week. I tried out Google ad words and face book ads. I had two different ad campaigns on google totaling 37,262 page impressions or number of times ad was shown it had 73 click thru's for a click rate of .20%. total spent $47.08 plus a $5 one time fee.Facebook had 45,655 impressions. It had 20 click thru's for a click thru rate of .044%.Total spent on it$9.76. With all that None of my product sold. so at this point do I consider this product a flop? Do I invest in more advertising and see if things improve? Let me know what you think. site is

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Dream

I want to create a place similar in set up to a small college. I want it to be a place where people can come to learn life skills. Budgeting, cooking, Computers, interview skills and much more. I want to have living quarters for those that need a place to stay in case of job loss or kicked out. A place to gain skills and pull your self up to have the best chance in life you can with dignity. I want to have individual rooms so a family can stay together through the process and a daycare on site to help. I also want a cafeteria to provide food so all the people attending need to worry about is learning and the next step. So far my best guess on how to achieve this is to model it on the Salvation Army by having fundraisers and a store to help fund the venture. I am still working out the details on getting this out of my dreams and into reality but I Will figure this out.That will be legacy to be proud of.I think it is needed everywhere.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moving Forward

I completed my website creation with my husbands help on Saturday. I picked Art for my first web store attempt. I created an adword campaign with Google to increase my websites chances of being seen. I plan to go Monday or Tuesday to talk to the local college about teaching my class "Life Lessons" in there off campus location. They expressed interest in it before. I am also having a garage sale to start clearing the clutter out of my house and make a little money. I am also going to see about setting up my trade show booth near my grocery store on Saturday. I am pushing myself to break out of just planning and start doing. My web store is
I am reading still on entrepreneurship looking for idea's on how to do this better. I will push myself as far as possible to create the life my family deserves. I don't want to be poverty level. I don't want to panic every time I see that my kids need money for school pictures of fundraisers. I want to be able to relax with my kids instead of scrambling to figure out how to make ends meet. Wish me luck here I go.