Sunday, July 25, 2010

learning who you are

I have always maintained that I am complicated. I don't think anyone including me can fully understand me. I am still learning why I feel and believe what I do. I am constantly growing and changing. I don't want to stay the same. I think that would be miserable to be the same with the same goals, beliefs and feelings I had 10 years ago. I believe a lot of the core of who we are never changes. We simply gain the wisdom to understand the why behind it and what it means. If I did not search inside me to make peace with who I am, will be and want to be it would be spiritual suicide. When faced with hardship and pain only strength of spirit and a belief in yourself will help see you through. Every so called roadblock in life has the ability to teach us something about ourselves. When faced with tragedy do you break? If others try to tell you that you are worthless and hold you back do you accept it? Do you rise above it and trust in your self? Never let anyone hold you back. Overcome the obstacles and make the impossible possible.The mind is strong and so is faith. You might be fortunate to have others that will be there for you and support you but unless you believe in yourself there isn't much they can do for you. Be true to who you are not who others would have you be. I found an author that understands this and helped me when I lost my belief in my worth.

resolving mindset

I have made myself and all that is important to me a priority. I don't ask if its possible to go visiting or take a day off. I now make it possible. I get help around the house from my husband and kids.(In order to free up hours that would have been spent cleaning or chasing my 3 kids.) In less than 30 days I have found suppliers for my trade show booth, ordered my merchandise, received 95% of it, & found where to sell at. I am going to work selling at trade shows to save up to get my storefront so I do not go into business with debt driving me. I am taking evenings off from my life as a housewife to go enjoy an evening with friends or taking a long walk during the day to free my mind of the day's stress. I am looking forward to the school year starting so all my kids can be in school for a while. Fewer hours that they can make messes at the house. :) I love school being in session it means mom gets to take an uninterrupted nap every now and then.In the next month or so I plan on hiring a housekeeper to free up more of my time to do what is important. Work on my business, goals and family time. I love my family and am determined to create a brighter future for them and for myself. My kids will grow up and move out. I hope to instill in them that we can achieve goals if we put the effort in it. No point in settling for the status quo. I want them to go after their dreams and know that its possible after all mom did it.I also want to know that I will have a life, purpose and identity when they leave the nest. My biggest goal in life and personal mission is before I die I want to know that someones life was positively impacted because of me. I have achieved this and plan to keep achieving this with as many people as I can. The world does not have to know who I was as long as someone remembers me.I will write more soon to let you know how all of this is working out.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

good news

I have found a place to teach my life lessons class locally. I am planning on recording one of the classes to offer it in dvd format. Next Saturday I start doing trade show sales. I am setting up my booth in the town I live in to test the local market. I am selling jewelry and swords. I am getting my business started to work toward my goals. I am trying an experiment going against the traditional way of working. I want to see if I can work on weekends and relax with my family during the week and still make good money.I recently read an amazing book if you want to break out of the 9 to 5 grind. Its called the 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferriss .