Saturday, February 28, 2015

Relaxing and Staying Warm for the Weekend

We have holed up this weekend, its cold and there is snow outside.

Well some days are below 30 degrees and others are around 70 degrees in the same week.

I am not a fan of the cold by any stretch of the imagination.

Kids went outside for a few minutes to explore the snow on Friday. They Loved it! Tabby stayed until her hands hurt from the cold and then screamed when we made her come in to warm up.

We have been watching movies and alternating comfort food and pizza delivery.

We had chips and sandwiches for lunch then we had homemade Pot Pie for supper.

I got really excited tonight when I found out about the new candle coming out next week for April Fools Day from Jewelry in Candles. Grand prize for this candle is .An all expenses paid vacation for 2 to Disney World in Orlando FL. Airfare, on resort room, meal plan and park tickets!

Tomorrow is Church for the big kids while Mommy spends quality time with Tabby. She is still scared of being in small rooms with strangers ex. nursery and can't sit still long enough for Big Church.

I will be getting my grocery list and making list of where all I need to go to go finish paying bills and running errands on Monday.

Monday we will be picking up on our ASL lessons from Friday. We are trying to get the kids and Mommy to where we can have a No talking day, ASL only.

We ordered in new workbooks as Acheron and Ilyana have almost finished the ones they just got. They Love to finish them as fast as they can so they can have more free learning days until the new ones arrive.

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