Thursday, February 26, 2015

March Meal Plan

Busy day today, planning what all needs to be done on Friday Payday.

what bills to pay where and when
what all household supplies we need
write up a meal plan
gathered a grocery list from the meal plan

after doing all that I played with the kids some and relaxed with a book. (we took a bad weather day today)

we do cereal for breakfast and sandwiches or ramen noodles for lunch so...

Here is our Dinner meal plan for march

 1 salisbury steak
 2 pizza
 3 baked potato*
 4 grilled cheese*
 5 pot pie*
 6 salmon patties*
 7 hot dogs
 8 mac and cheese with wieners
 9 biscuits and gravy
10 meat loaf*
11 enchiladas*
12 salisbury steak
13 pizza
14 baked potato*
15 hot dogs
16 store lasagna
17 pot pie*
18 grilled cheese*
19 biscuits and gravy
20 meat loaf *
21 enchiladas*
22 salmon patties*
23 pizza
24 store lasagna
25 pot pie*
26 baked potato*
26 mac and cheese with wieners
27 hot dogs
28 pot pie*
29 pizza
30 salmon patties*
31 sausage stir fry*

* made at home not from a box
 If you want the recipe to any of these just let me know in the comments section!!

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  1. well the snow set my meal plan back a bit, don't want to go to the store in the snow. so we are switching the 1st and 2nd up. I have pizza on hand for the first and the second we will do something else...... thats the beauty its a plan but not written in stone.