Monday, March 9, 2015

Nurturing your Child's Dreams and Spirit

Things I learned from Sir Ken Roberts Ted talks.

What are your child's talent? interests? not the superficial ones but the real ones.
what is it that excites them to do.
to nurture it is our goal as parents & homeschool teachers
however it takes looking for it, exposing kids to different things. To museums, car shows, different kinds of music,dancing, martial arts, cooking, business, firemen, police,emts, medicine, science, art,and oh so much more.
what upon scratching the surface of do they want to know more and more or do more and more.

there was a young man who as a child decided he wanted to be a fireman.
which was encouraged until high school when a teacher told him it was a waste of his potential.
he ignored him and became one anyway.
A few years later he responding to a car accident and guess who it was.
He freed the man, performed cpr and saved that mans life. Saved the wife too.
He became what he was meant to be and was there when needed by the very man who told him being a fireman was a waste of his talents...... think the teacher might have changed his mind.
 now but what we need to learn from this story is simple

Encourage and support our children in what they are passionate about.
They know what that is and we don't need to confuse them. If they are unsure Then we can go about introducing things to see if any of them resonate with the child but Never push what we want on them. It is their life and their chance to make their personal mark.
We want the best for them the best paying the most secure jobs and careers but that might not be what is best for them.
We want them to have a job and life that they are excited to wake up to not one they are just marking the time and miserable in.

Communities need and thrive on a diversity of talents.
We need lots of people with different talents and skills to make it all work.

We have adopted a fast food style public education everything is standardized.

we need a education system that is more personalized.
Group children with other kids on their skill and learning style not age.
kids that learn by visuals best together in a class that teaches that way.
kids that learn best alone, together but  cubicles will work wonders for these kids.
kids that learn best audibly be taught audibly,
and people that learn by doing or moving being taught that way.
test the kids to see how they learn and teach them that way not by age.

Remember tread softly lest you trample your childs dreams or spirit.

to see the ted talk yourself

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